Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I gave in...

I decided to do the PaperChef challenge at the last minute.
I entered last month, and had lots of fun making my cookie, I figured why not give it another go....unfortunately I decided pretty much at the last minute so I am scrambling to get everything typed up and posted before midnight. As my items are in the oven, I will take advantage and type the recipe, I don't know what I am calling it yet though, so I guess I will type it out, and then edit to add a name. I definitely decided to go with a pastry style dish, I didn't want lentil soup, or lentils as a side in general, so i decided to incorporate somehow. I thought of mashing it with the Yams, but I didn't want to take anything away from the beautiful sweetness that is a yam...i ended up cooking them down and then sauteing them with the chicken and some shredded carrot. I definitely wanted to embrace the sweetness of the Yam, so it will be a sweeter dish rather than ultra savory....ahhh, let me stop rambling away and get to the recipe

Unnamed Dish

Ingredients needed

Green Tea

Added by me

pastry dough
carrot, shredded
cinnamon, to taste
nutmeg, to taste
lavender 1/4 teaspoon for the chicken and 1/4 teaspoon for the lentils, a pinch for the yams
white wine
egg (for eggwash)

Sauce (optional)
vanilla yogurt
orange zest
orange juice
vanilla extract

The first thing I did was roughly chop my yams, add some cinnamon, nutmeg, lavender and jasmine green tea leaves to it, and dry roasted for about 30mins, once they came out of the oven, I mashed them, and added a little bit of freshly brewed green tea to the mix

While my potatoes were roasting, I poached the chicken, about 3/4 of the way through I added a mint green tea bag, and about 1/4 teaspoon lavender to the mix, once it was cooked, I took it out and let it cool down before pulling it into shreds.

I let my lentils boil, about 1/2 way through I added about 1/4 teaspoon of jasmine green tea leaves, 1/4 teaspoon onion powder, salt and white pepper for to taste, just to give the lentils some flavor

I also brewed a very strong cup of jasmine green tea to use as a flavor infuser

Once the potatoes were done roasting, I mashed them, adding a little bit of the strong brewed tea for flavor.

I sauteed the carrot in butter, added the chicken, lentils, white wine, and some of the brewed tea, and I let that simmer down for abot 3 mins, I added sugar and butter to finish the sauce.

I will be posting the video once I am done editing so you can see everything I did !

Here is Video # 1

Here is Video #2, still editing #'s 3 & 4

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where to start...what to do

As I sit here contemplating what I am going to do on my day off tomorrow, I have realized that I have A-LOT of cooking to do. Of the 10 countries/10 dishes challenge that I issued to myself for Hispanic Heritage month on my face book page, I have completed 5. That leaves me 2 days until the 15th to complete the challenge. I also have a daring cook challenge due, as well as a daring baker challenge. There is also a paperchef challenge lingering on the back of my mind, although it is due today, so I may not have time to even participate, I am thinking of a dish, but I am just not sure if I have time. There are times when I wish I didn't procrastinate sooo much, but then I think to myself, hey you work better under pressure! Why do I insist on lying to myself, lol.

I have 2 dishes in mind for the Hispanic Heritage Month, which still leaves me with 3.....

I also have the daring cooks challenge, which I am not allowed to blog about until the release day....as I said....A-LOT of cooking to do...

I'm off to look in the cabinets and see what I can invent :)

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Happy Cooking everyone!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The joys of the Dessert Challenge!

If you have never been to my facebook page....WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!

Seriously though, we have cooking competitions, 3 so far, and I thought it would be a good idea to let the winner of the previous challenge pick the the ingredients...hmmmm...last challenge winner, Ms. Simone Mims, a darling friend of mine and fellow foodie won and she chose...
Phyllo (filo) Dough, Ice Cream, Nutella, Nuts and BALSAMIC VINEGAR.
I've worked with every single one of these ingredients...but never together...and some, not in years.
The last time I worked with Phyllo Dough, I worked at an outdoor restaurant named Luna Park, in New York City, it was a seasonal gig...steps away from the Union Square Farmer's Market, the focus of the cuisine was contemporary American...we would make roasted golden and red beet stack with goat cheese, and wrap it in phyllo , then bake it off...ughh.... I HATED making these things, now that I think about it, the phyllo dough never seemed to want to cooperate with me!
We also made a balsamic reduction, for what, I can't remember...all I can recall was a kitchen that was the size of a broom closet, it being an average of 125 degrees at any time, and the scent of vinegar burning my nose hairs away!

I also worked part time at another restaurant here in Phoenix, where they make a PHENOMENAL balsamic reduction that they serve with apricot and cheese stuffed chicken breast..but OF COURSE...I never actually made that sauce...never even caught a glimpse...

So with my mind in full gear, and my Procrastination at its best...here I am blogging about the disasters that have occurred today!

Where shall I start?

Shall I go into detail on how I decided to make a balsamic reduction with orange peel, sugar and cinnamon...and how I burned it...along with my finger tip?

What about how I opened my phyllo dough, to find it all stuck together, and as I carefully tried to peel the layers away they shred into holey sheets of phyllo.

How about my bright idea to make Balsamic Nut Brittle...only to have it turn into a balsamic rock...

Ahh, I think I can go on and on and on, on how this competition just was working against me from the moment I said go.

One bright spot though, was making a fantastically delicious Nutella Swirl Banana Ice Cream....ahhh delicious goodness it was!

I cannot post my final product yet, because the contest does not end until midnight, but it's done...not the prettiest or the best work I've done, but the flavor is on point!

So I ended up making "Banana Foster Split"
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