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Success and Failure

Have you ever imagined something.Have you done that thing you imagined?Have you achieved it successfully?Have you tried to replicate your success, only to be greeted by failure?That was my day. One of the reasons I'm making little man's party decor and favors is because PBS doesn't really make anything birthday related. They offer printouts and ideas...there are plates and napkins available as well....but that's pretty much it.Remember when I said I'm a creative dreamer?My idea was to create a coloring/activity book. That part actually came together quite easily. The binding part...the dreamer was alive an kicking. Why not bind the book? A few google images suggested that people make journals and such out of old jeans and use their sewing machines to bind it together. I have a sewing machine.
I have cardstock.
I have paper.
Let's  give it a whirl! Success!
Let's use the real deal!
Failure! Like a dagger straight through my heart!
I  made a few "adjustments…

Another day...another item *partially* completed

Ahhh...the joys of sleeping in...or not.I've always been a night owl. My kiddo also inherited my night owl ways. When I was between 7 and 9 months pregnant I would regularly freak out when little man did not kick or move.:::A constant fear of mine was something would go terribly wrong and I  wouldn't know  until it was too late. I think alot of pregnant women experience these fears...the fear of helplessness,  being unable to detect that your baby is in distress etc.:::My little munchkin definitely gave me a run for my money on more than one occasion. He would randomly move in the morning, but then sleep most of the day and evening.
His prime hours of movement were 11PM-1AM...even though I knew this, I still had mini heart attacks whenever he was still for more than two hours. I would drink ice cold water (even though it caused massive heartburn), lay on my side, poke my belly...and my last resort at one point was to play ASAP Rocky ..F'N Problems...he was always very acti…

Serially Undisclosed late night crafting

Another late night for this momma and her crazy crafting ways. If you have a toddler, you know it is utterly impossible to get anything accomplished with them around. My little guy is a gabby sally. From the moment he opens his little brown eyes, until the moment they close, he is busy demanding, speaking  words mixed gibberish or exercising his vocal octaves. Have you ever heard an almost two year old repeatedly say Mommy until you can no longer ignore your newly assigned name? At's precious. It's the thing you've waited for since the moment you found out you were growing a little human. Eventually you run in the opposite direction when a 3 foot munchkin is chasing you around with a dead "ipap" or a remote control to watch "Baymax"/"Botbots" (Big Hero 6) for 3rd time in a the best time for me to get this crazy project done is when he is sound asleep and I've had a few hours to myself to decompress. That means...…

Momma has lost her mind

Birthdays hold a special place in my heart. Anyone who knows me knows this to be true.
It means you've survived another year of life. You've had've had downs...but here you are facing another year. Time to appreciate and enjoy lifes little joys. Well...that's typically what it means to an adult.As a birthday was (still is last I checked) in December. Anyone with the fortune of being born anywhere near Christmas can probably relate....I never had a fancy Birthday party...ever. Now, don't  get me wrong, I got a cake and got presents from my parents but that was it. I never had a cute my little pony party. I never got to pick out my favorite candies to fill a PiƱata. I never had a Menudo Birthday bash (I'm staring at you sister). It's not because I didn't have any friends...but knowing my mother, she probably didn't want to burden anyone around Christmas time with another party to attend...another gift to purchase so on and so fort…

Where Have I been for 5 years?

So...5 years.It would seem that I did some hard time in prison...went off on an around the world adventure...had a baby?The last part is true, but there have been soo many other things that took up the majority of my time. Buying a house. A times brutal commute to work. 3 hour  traffic jams...been there, done that. 8 months pregnant...haboob followed by torrential downpours with wind gusts and flooding and still an hour away from home, yep...been there.
Things that make you lose sight of the little things in life that bring joy to your heart, that's what has taken up the first half of the last 5 years.The second half has been the most beautifully humbling, heart racing and impactful time of my life. I became a mother to the most amazingly handsome, intelligent, loving little guy on the I admit...I may be a little biased, but what mother isn't? I can't say it's been all rainbows and butterflies...there have been many trials and tribulations...but …