Serially Undisclosed late night crafting

Another late night for this momma and her crazy crafting ways. If you have a toddler, you know it is utterly impossible to get anything accomplished with them around.

My little guy is a gabby sally. From the moment he opens his little brown eyes, until the moment they close, he is busy demanding, speaking  words mixed gibberish or exercising his vocal octaves. Have you ever heard an almost two year old repeatedly say Mommy until you can no longer ignore your newly assigned name? 

At's precious. It's the thing you've waited for since the moment you found out you were growing a little human. Eventually you run in the opposite direction when a 3 foot munchkin is chasing you around with a dead "ipap" or a remote control to watch "Baymax"/"Botbots" (Big Hero 6) for 3rd time in a row. the best time for me to get this crazy project done is when he is sound asleep and I've had a few hours to myself to decompress. That my world...Midnight!

The last few nights I've jammed out to the top 100 hits of the 2000s. Super cheesy...but oh so awesome to sing along to 100 songs! The human brain and it's mass collection of stored memories is fascinating.  Who knew I could sing to these oldies in perfect timing and with pretty amazing lyrical accuracy?

Today was different. Unless you live under a rock you've probably heard of "Serial", the podcast that quite literally had changed the world of podcasts. It is the most downloaded podcast in took one story, and told it over 12 episodes. It was something that had never been done before..and it was spectacularly successful.
I've listened to it twice...and no matter what side of the fence you lean on...guilty or not, it is story telling at it's absolute best. 

Recently, Adnan Syed, the teenager sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his former HS girlfriend Hae Min Lee, was in the news.

Since I've finished Serial...I still am curious as to what's going on in the case. I decided to give "Undisclosed" a second chance.

When undisclosed was first released, I gave it a listen but was not captivated. I guess I was expecting anothrr Serial.
It was not.
I was disappointed  and didn't give it a second chance...until now.

It is absolutely nothing like Serial...but they've done alot of work since the first episode. It's super wordy...very caught up in breaking down the case in a very "lawyerly" way, citing cases, acts etc...
I've started from episode 10 and am oddly working my way backwards. 

The oddest thing about tonight is by far ironing seams (with an awesome petite iron) on childrens capes while listening to detailed descriptions of murder and Brady violations....

Ahh the joys of motherhood!


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