Sunday, August 30, 2015

Another day...another item *partially* completed

Ahhh...the joys of sleeping in...or not.

I've always been a night owl. My kiddo also inherited my night owl ways. When I was between 7 and 9 months pregnant I would regularly freak out when little man did not kick or move.

:::A constant fear of mine was something would go terribly wrong and I  wouldn't know  until it was too late. I think alot of pregnant women experience these fears...the fear of helplessness,  being unable to detect that your baby is in distress etc.:::

My little munchkin definitely gave me a run for my money on more than one occasion. He would randomly move in the morning, but then sleep most of the day and evening.
His prime hours of movement were 11PM-1AM...even though I knew this, I still had mini heart attacks whenever he was still for more than two hours. 

I would drink ice cold water (even though it caused massive heartburn), lay on my side, poke my belly...and my last resort at one point was to play ASAP Rocky ..F'N Problems...he was always very active when this song played in the car rides home. unborn child jammed out to ASAP Rocky. Just let that sink in...

Another thing that I obsessed over was "Full Brain Development".

I was 100% that annoying mom to be that told anyone who would listen why I didn't want him to come early, no matter how uncomfortable I became in my own body.

 It was (is) my duty as his Mommy to make the best decisions concerning his health and education, and I firmly believe(d) that full brain development is essential to him being the best version of himself  that he could be. Yup...I'm still that annoying mom piping on and on about full brain development,  lol. 

::::Squirrel:::: easily sidetracked!

Tonight's project was to begin the Centerpieces for the tables.

Of course...nothing ever goes according to plan. 

The munchkin decided that he wanted to play with his coloring book and have all of the attention that his little heart desired. He also gave me one of the best gifts that I've ever received.

Since he was about 6 months old, we've made it a habit to recite ABC's and count 123's in both English and Spanish. For the last 2 months or so, I've been spelling his name to him everyday. Randomly. Repeatedly. Sing-Songy. spelled his name to me.

Well most of his name. Sometimes when I spell his name he'll finish the last letter. Today he gave me the first 3 letters. My eyes welled up and my heart was so full at that moment... I literally thought my heart was going to burst... he tugged every single heartstring that I own and gave me his million dollar look...and it took every bit of willpower I had to not let the tears spill out of my eyes.

I honestly don't even know why those 3 little letters affected me in that way...I guess these are just things motherhood does to you.


Project Centerpieces:
Items used:

◇ Square Pails (I ended up with metal ones)
◇ Beaded Necklaces
◇ Flower Foam
◇Decals (from gift bags)

Tools used:

◇Low temp glue gun 

I purchased all of these items at dollar tree.
The beaded necklaces were 8/$1
The Bags were 3/$1
Streamers 2/$1
Foam $1 (cut in half so 2/$1)
Metal Pails $1 each 

Time to catch some Zzzz's....

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Serially Undisclosed late night crafting

Another late night for this momma and her crazy crafting ways. If you have a toddler, you know it is utterly impossible to get anything accomplished with them around.

My little guy is a gabby sally. From the moment he opens his little brown eyes, until the moment they close, he is busy demanding, speaking  words mixed gibberish or exercising his vocal octaves. Have you ever heard an almost two year old repeatedly say Mommy until you can no longer ignore your newly assigned name? 

At's precious. It's the thing you've waited for since the moment you found out you were growing a little human. Eventually you run in the opposite direction when a 3 foot munchkin is chasing you around with a dead "ipap" or a remote control to watch "Baymax"/"Botbots" (Big Hero 6) for 3rd time in a row. the best time for me to get this crazy project done is when he is sound asleep and I've had a few hours to myself to decompress. That my world...Midnight!

The last few nights I've jammed out to the top 100 hits of the 2000s. Super cheesy...but oh so awesome to sing along to 100 songs! The human brain and it's mass collection of stored memories is fascinating.  Who knew I could sing to these oldies in perfect timing and with pretty amazing lyrical accuracy?

Today was different. Unless you live under a rock you've probably heard of "Serial", the podcast that quite literally had changed the world of podcasts. It is the most downloaded podcast in took one story, and told it over 12 episodes. It was something that had never been done before..and it was spectacularly successful.
I've listened to it twice...and no matter what side of the fence you lean on...guilty or not, it is story telling at it's absolute best. 

Recently, Adnan Syed, the teenager sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his former HS girlfriend Hae Min Lee, was in the news.

Since I've finished Serial...I still am curious as to what's going on in the case. I decided to give "Undisclosed" a second chance.

When undisclosed was first released, I gave it a listen but was not captivated. I guess I was expecting anothrr Serial.
It was not.
I was disappointed  and didn't give it a second chance...until now.

It is absolutely nothing like Serial...but they've done alot of work since the first episode. It's super wordy...very caught up in breaking down the case in a very "lawyerly" way, citing cases, acts etc...
I've started from episode 10 and am oddly working my way backwards. 

The oddest thing about tonight is by far ironing seams (with an awesome petite iron) on childrens capes while listening to detailed descriptions of murder and Brady violations....

Ahh the joys of motherhood!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Momma has lost her mind

Birthdays hold a special place in my heart. Anyone who knows me knows this to be true.
It means you've survived another year of life. You've had've had downs...but here you are facing another year. Time to appreciate and enjoy lifes little joys. Well...that's typically what it means to an adult.

As a birthday was (still is last I checked) in December. Anyone with the fortune of being born anywhere near Christmas can probably relate....I never had a fancy Birthday party...ever. Now, don't  get me wrong, I got a cake and got presents from my parents but that was it. I never had a cute my little pony party. I never got to pick out my favorite candies to fill a PiƱata. I never had a Menudo Birthday bash (I'm staring at you sister). It's not because I didn't have any friends...but knowing my mother, she probably didn't want to burden anyone around Christmas time with another party to attend...another gift to purchase so on and so forth. And so, I  grew up never experiencing what it's like to be celebrated.
My significant other has definitely changed that...but that's for another post.

When I became a Mother, I told myself I would make sure my Son always had a memorable birthday. It's not about the gifts, those are fun and nice and all, but I want him to feel celebrated.  To know that on this specific day friends and family have come together to surround and fill his heart with love and laughter, and to always remember what that feels like. To see pictures and be able to relive the moment and rejoice in the memories. my crazy mind...I manage to make things extremely complicated. I'm a creative dreamer...I make big elaborate plans...that continuously get bigger and bigger until I'm completely overwhelmed and melting down. This year I have vowed to get ahead of my normal snail place production....and by production I mean hand made decor...and favors!

Am I out of my mind? Absolutely.

Will his litte lit up face be worth the trouble? I  think so.

So here's a preview of the prep work and test run of Project #1 of who knows how many!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Where Have I been for 5 years?

So...5 years.

It would seem that I did some hard time in prison...went off on an around the world adventure...had a baby?

The last part is true, but there have been soo many other things that took up the majority of my time. Buying a house. A times brutal commute to work. 3 hour  traffic jams...been there, done that. 8 months pregnant...haboob followed by torrential downpours with wind gusts and flooding and still an hour away from home, yep...been there.
Things that make you lose sight of the little things in life that bring joy to your heart, that's what has taken up the first half of the last 5 years.

The second half has been the most beautifully humbling, heart racing and impactful time of my life. I became a mother to the most amazingly handsome, intelligent, loving little guy on the I admit...I may be a little biased, but what mother isn't? 

I can't say it's been all rainbows and butterflies...there have been many trials and tribulations...but at the end of the day, I  get slobbery wet toddler kisses and am reminded that unconditional love from the smallest tyrant in the world is better than anything I've ever experienced in my 33 years of life!

Here's to more anecdotes,  musings and perhaps someday getting back behind the camera and re-launching my youtube page.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010's been too long

It's been almost 4 months since my last entry. I have been lost! Lost without my Constant Craver-ness!!

Let me explain why.

As part of reevaluating where I am and where I want to be, I decided that I needed to change the way I eat, and how I approach food in general. I know you have all heard the saying, you need to eat to live, not live to eat, I know it sounds cliche, but it is soo true. You don't realize the stuff you are putting in your body by eating high fat, high sugar, highly processed foods. I personally did a 4 day detox, and cut out soda from my diet and was able to lose 12 pounds in 2 weeks!!

12 pounds in 2 weeks!!

I feel like I sound like an infomercial, but seriously, I'd forgotten what it was like to enjoy all natural, healthy foods that actually taste good.

As this is still sort of new, I am still working through what I like, what I don't like, and how I can take the foods that I love, and make them healthy.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Feliz Navidad!

This past weekend I was the ultimate procrastinator in getting my Christmas treats and coquito done for the holiday season! I remember celebrating solstice and making happy brew and loads of cookies.....I mean, I think I gave everyone in my family a LARGE tray of cookies that could feed at least 50 people! Those were the wonderful holiday seasons when my Mother and Grandmother were still around, they were Christmas Fanatics! My grandmother would re-decorate the whole house from top to bottom, she even put out Christmas plates, soaps, and pillow cases!
My mother always went overboard with the lights, her whole house had twinkling lights (that she managed to keep up for at least 3 months after Christmas) from top to bottom it seemed. My dad on the other hand played the role of scrooge and bah humbugged his way through December only to become a kid at a candy store on Christmas Day! I don't know whose face lit up more when I opened my gifts...his or mine....probably his!
Being so far away from home this holiday season perhaps put a slow motion clock on my baking mood, but I did manage to make some yummy treats none the less.

Here is the recipe for my Chocolate Lovers Delight Coquito that I mention on my Being Latino Blog Post on holiday drinks.

1 can Coco Lopez
1 can Evaporated Milk
1 can Sweetened Condensed Milk
5 scoops Vanilla Ice Cream
1 Pkt. Nestle Cafecito instant coffee, or the new Viva from Starbucks
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2 vanilla bean, scraped, seeds placed in blender, or you can just use 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
3 round bars Nestle Abuelita drinking chocolate
1/2 cup Coconut Milk
1 cup Rum (or more to taste) (add last)

1) heat up coconut milk and Abuelita chocolate bars until it is completely melted and is the consistency of choclate syrup, set to the side and cook off for 20 mins
2) Add coco lopez, evaporated and condensed milks and remaining ingredients to your blender.
3) Add 1 cup cooled Abuelita Syrup to the blender and mix for about 1 minute, until the color is consistent.
4) Add Rum
5) Have a glass and enjoy!

Stay tuned for my Rum Bundt Cake Recipe!!

Happy Holidays!

Friday, November 27, 2009

My First Daring Bakers Challenge

I hate to say it, but I am addict.
I am addicted to online food challenges, I don't know why, but I am.
It's not like people can actually taste my food, they have to go by what I write and the pictures I post. I'm not a professional writer or Photographer, and unfortunately they are not hobbies of mine either, so why do I subject myself to the torture of having your pictures judged? I guess I am just a masochistic chef, because once again, I have decided to do a challenge.

I am not just doing any ol' challenge either, I am doing THE DARING BAKERS CHALLENGE, people from all over the world log on once a month ( you must be a member to participate) and happily accept the challenge that is thrown at them.

I guess I couldn't have picked a better time to actually do the Challenge ( i missed last months deadline), than this one. It is one of my FAVORITES. It was of course, Cannoli's. Not only were we making Cannoli's, we were making them from scratch!!!

I've eaten dozens of Cannoli's in my lifetime, but not once have I actually thought of making them at home. It's one of those desserts that just seemed like they just needed to be bought and enjoyed at your favorite Italian Bakery, mine of course being Venieros in NYC.

I was soo excited, I thought for sure I had this one down. I was going to make the best cannoli's my eyes have ever seen...haha...yea right! The Cannoli Gods had another thought in mind for me.

Cannoli dough could possibly be the dough from hell, leaving my other arch nemesis, phyllo, light years behind. Not only is the dough a pain in the butt to mix, and figure out if you even got it right, it is even more of a pain to roll it out and get the right thickness. Some people on the website chose to use a Pasta Machine to thin out the dough, that would have been my option as well....but...I don't have a pasta machine.

After about 5 minutes of trying to beat the crap out of the dough and roll it until it was the thickness of a dollar bill, I decided to cut 3" rounds, and then thin that out by rolling it out some more.

The other part of the challenge was to make the filling. I don't use Ricotta too much, so I thought about using Marscapone or even cream cheese, but then I figured I wanted to stay as close to traditional as possible. I contemplated making my own Ricotta, but I had second thoughts and just went with the store bought stuff.

I had 2 ideas for my fillings, I definitely wanted to make a holiday inspired one, but I also wanted to make the traditional one with the chocolate chips and the candied orange pieces.

Again, the Cannoli gods failed to smile upon me.
Why could I not get the filling to a consistency that is what I remember eating at my beloved Venieros?!

I ended up making a white chocolate peppermint filling, but it was a little runny, probably from the melted white chocolate. I refrigerated the filling and filled the shells the next day.

The Shells, as much of a pain as they were, came out of the fryer beautifully. The first was by far the best, but beggars can't be choosy!

Here are some pictures of the finished product!