Success and Failure

Have you ever imagined something.

Have you done that thing you imagined?

Have you achieved it successfully?

Have you tried to replicate your success, only to be greeted by failure?

That was my day. One of the reasons I'm making little man's party decor and favors is because PBS doesn't really make anything birthday related. They offer printouts and ideas...there are plates and napkins available as well....but that's pretty much it.

Remember when I said I'm a creative dreamer?

My idea was to create a coloring/activity book. That part actually came together quite easily. The binding part...the dreamer was alive an kicking.

Why not bind the book? A few google images suggested that people make journals and such out of old jeans and use their sewing machines to bind it together.

I have a sewing machine.
I have cardstock.
I have paper.
Let's  give it a whirl!


Let's use the real deal!

Like a dagger straight through my heart!

I  made a few "adjustments"...being as how I own the sewing machine... but don't really know how to use it...I'll have to figure out what the adjustments did and how they ruined the booklet.

Nothing gets me more pumped up than a challenge! 

Stay tuned for either a truly epic failure...or another binding method lol!


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