Momma has lost her mind

Birthdays hold a special place in my heart. Anyone who knows me knows this to be true.
It means you've survived another year of life. You've had've had downs...but here you are facing another year. Time to appreciate and enjoy lifes little joys. Well...that's typically what it means to an adult.

As a birthday was (still is last I checked) in December. Anyone with the fortune of being born anywhere near Christmas can probably relate....I never had a fancy Birthday party...ever. Now, don't  get me wrong, I got a cake and got presents from my parents but that was it. I never had a cute my little pony party. I never got to pick out my favorite candies to fill a PiƱata. I never had a Menudo Birthday bash (I'm staring at you sister). It's not because I didn't have any friends...but knowing my mother, she probably didn't want to burden anyone around Christmas time with another party to attend...another gift to purchase so on and so forth. And so, I  grew up never experiencing what it's like to be celebrated.
My significant other has definitely changed that...but that's for another post.

When I became a Mother, I told myself I would make sure my Son always had a memorable birthday. It's not about the gifts, those are fun and nice and all, but I want him to feel celebrated.  To know that on this specific day friends and family have come together to surround and fill his heart with love and laughter, and to always remember what that feels like. To see pictures and be able to relive the moment and rejoice in the memories. my crazy mind...I manage to make things extremely complicated. I'm a creative dreamer...I make big elaborate plans...that continuously get bigger and bigger until I'm completely overwhelmed and melting down. This year I have vowed to get ahead of my normal snail place production....and by production I mean hand made decor...and favors!

Am I out of my mind? Absolutely.

Will his litte lit up face be worth the trouble? I  think so.

So here's a preview of the prep work and test run of Project #1 of who knows how many!


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