Where Have I been for 5 years?

So...5 years.

It would seem that I did some hard time in prison...went off on an around the world adventure...had a baby?

The last part is true, but there have been soo many other things that took up the majority of my time. Buying a house. A long...at times brutal commute to work. 3 hour  traffic jams...been there, done that. 8 months pregnant...haboob followed by torrential downpours with wind gusts and flooding and still an hour away from home, yep...been there.
Things that make you lose sight of the little things in life that bring joy to your heart, that's what has taken up the first half of the last 5 years.

The second half has been the most beautifully humbling, heart racing and impactful time of my life. I became a mother to the most amazingly handsome, intelligent, loving little guy on the planet...now I admit...I may be a little biased, but what mother isn't? 

I can't say it's been all rainbows and butterflies...there have been many trials and tribulations...but at the end of the day, I  get slobbery wet toddler kisses and am reminded that unconditional love from the smallest tyrant in the world is better than anything I've ever experienced in my 33 years of life!

Here's to more anecdotes,  musings and perhaps someday getting back behind the camera and re-launching my youtube page.


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