The importance of learning to thread a bobbin...and other musings

Empty Bobbin ✔
Appropriate thread color ✔
Patience ❌

Threading your sewing machine is, obviously, the first step you take in getting your sewing machine ready. That unfortunately is not true. The first step is threading the bobbin...something that should be very easy. The machine practically does all the work for you.  Why oh why, then, is this the most grueling part of getting my sew on?

From the moment I placed my hands on this machine, the bobbin and I seem to have become mortal enemies.

I have read the instructions, watched video tutorials and attempted to thread the darn thing over and over and over.

The bobbin refuses to cooperate, instead tangling itself with the thread, being the perfect bobbin for seconds at a time, and somehow...someway...getting the thread to wind itself directly above or below the intended target area. It took me practically the entire day to do something that should've been an hour project at best. I will master you one day Singer One Plus! That day just won't be today...

Time is a ticking, and I have less time on my hands than I did before. I managed to completely finish 1 project with 3 still pending...

I also listened to a bunch of Undisclosed (the podcast) this weekend, and the creepiness factor did not escape me.
Why I lock myselfbin a room to listen to true crime stories while crafting is beyond me.


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