A Mad Dash to the Finish...

The Contest

How can I make up a contest and not enter? Is it fair that I expect people to use their valuable time to be as creative as possible, and I, the creator of this thing totally disregard it and say I didn't have enough time?! I had plenty of ideas...Chicken Pot Pie...Chicken and Dumplings, Chicken Wellington...but I had already waited until the final day to make something, so I had to KISS (keep it simple silly).

The freckled one and I had an idea from the beginning though, we would play on something most people just order @ a fast food restaurant rather than make it @ home. We would make Chicken Strips and French Fries. Simone beat us to the punch though...so time for idea # 2...Chicarron de Pollo, or extra crunchy chicken pieces. Since I was going to butcher a whole chicken I figured we could make it 2 ways, con hueso/sin hueso, or with and without bones. Since we were playing with the chicken, why not make Fries 2 ways...Sweet Potato and Cla

ssic. Oh yea...did I mention I waited until the last minute...we didn't start cooking until 8pm! Total Procrastination!

We blow dried the sweet potatoes!

We added a but of cornstarch to our fries!

Here is the final product!


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