Paper Cheffin' It

The first time I saw the Paper Chef blog, around the time I started this one, I knew that I would enter the next contest. I waited and waited, and kept checking back, and FINALLY the day came when the new ingredients were posted. This month's ingredients are Ricotta, Ginger, Dark Chocolate with Fall...any fall ingredient of you choice. My first dilema, of course is what exactly is considered Dark Chocolate. The judge did not specify cocoa content, so I googled to make sure I would be within the rules. In the US semi-sweet chocolate is considered Dark Chocoloate, while in Europe Bittersweet Chocolate is what is used when you say "Dark Chocolate". The next dilema is of course what kind of item do I make. The first thing that came to mind was a cookie. The holidays are soon approaching, and EVERYone loves cookies around the holidays. Why not come up with something a little unconventional for this holiday season.
I decided to make a ricotta pumpin cookie, either with chocolate chips,or dipped in chocolate, or drizzled with chocolate, topped with candied ginger and orange peel. Wish me luck :)

Pictures coming soon :)


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