As if Alton read my mind...Apple Pie

As I lay watching TV I got a sudden craving for Apple Pie...I often get these cravings out of thin air. I ran thru a quick inventory of what I knew we had for sure, and knew a) there were no apples and b) I hate making pie crusts. When the freckled one came in to ruin my thinking time, I had a bright idea to send her to to store to get 2 apples( 1 red and 1 green). After much pouting and borderline tantruming on my part, as if in tune with my cravings, Good Eats came on with an Apple Pie episode. She turned, gave me a wtf look, and I knew I had won! Cravings one Freckled one zero.

I was left with another pie crust, then it came to me...left over wonton skins!

I've only used wonton skins for rangoons, wontons and as a quick ravioli, so I wasn't sure if it was going to work, but my mind was already in overdrive thinking of how to make my pie. I knew I would have to dice my apples(i ended up with a med julienne), I knew we had sugar, cinnamon, ginger,but no lemons to prevent the discoloration...I had just seen Alton use applejack, so I figured white wine would do the I went for the wine my eye caught the dark rum so I used that instead. I tasted the mix and wasn't getting that full effect yet, so I added vanilla, a dash of nutmeg and a pinch of salt to capture it. Tasted again...I almost jumped up and down it was sooooo tasty!!

I then grabbed my wontons...unfortunately the edges were starting to dry out so I would have to use a little bit of extra water to seal them, but it worked.

I tried to fry them in a pad of butter, but it didn't work out to well. It had tons of flavor, but the wonton was too chewy. I decided I would have to fry them if I really wanted them to work.

When they were done, I placed them on a paper towel to absorb any excess oil...I figured they already had enough sugar, so I sprinkled with cinnamon and enjoyed this new found treat!

If you find yourself craving an apple pie but don't want to wait hours and hours, I recommend trying this out.


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  3. i will seek my revenge! by the by apple pies were yummy took me back to the old school McDonald pies b4 they became all health conscious n crap...

  4. like I said before, when I think of McDonalds I don't think "health conscious"!



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