How did I get here?

I've done it!!!
I've given in!

After many pushes and shoves by the freckled one, I have decided to start a blog.

Maybe it was Julie and Julia...maybe it was the constant nagging from my shorter half, something has definitely possessed me to start this here we go...

When thinking of what to write about the choice was obvious...FOOD!!
I live for and die for...well my cravings...sweet, salty, chocolaty...and most of all TASTY!!!
I do this annoying "winey" thing where I suck in a little air and click my tongue to see what it will ask for...more often than not, its something "tasty"

My employees, co-workers and shorter half are my chosen lab rats...when I have a craving everyone knows it...they see me run around, do this or that and craving, or a version of it has come to life.

Here's to many more blogging adventures...with actual recipes and not just rants and raves :)


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