Dreaming of a crab rangoon

SO...I've been dreaming of Crab Rangoon....literally!
I woke up with a...you guessed it...CRAVING for Crab Rangoon/Crab Puffs.....
They are sooo...you guessed again...TASTY! I love them!

Funny story time...
I had a friend in high school who always ate them, I of course was too good for something named a crab rangoon, so every time he ordered them I would cringe and look at him with disgust as he savored each and every gooey creamy bite. Some time last year the freckled one and I went to a Chinese buffet, as I scanned the items I was not thrilled at the choices but I was really hungry, I filled my plate with "fried" rice, wings and those chicken sticks that seem to be at every Chinese buffet across the US...upon my first bite of wing, I was in heaven...it tasted just like an NYC Chinese spot opened to 2am chicken wing...as I said I was in heaven, people don't understand when I say that I miss NYC just for the food, I mean just that, I MISS NYC FOOD!!!
My ADD is kicking in, so let me get to the point...the freckled one filled her plate with wings, won tons, french fries!!!!!, and crab rangoons...I saw her take a bite( I am almost positive the same look of disgust I once gave my HS friend I bestowed upon the freckled one) oblivious to my disdain she too savored every gooey bite.

I had to taste the object of their affection, so I eyed the kitchen door and as soon as the cook came out with a fresh batch I was like speed lightning (according to the freckled one this is a character I made up in my head), over and back at the table in about 15 secs flat...I picked it up, turned it round and round, smelled it, licked it and FINALLY...I bit into it...it was love at first bite...the Crab Rangoon caught me...hook, line and sinker!!

So...today's mission is to recreate a fabulous Crab Rangoon and homemade Sweet & Sour sauce, we (the freckled one/my shorter half and I) will also be making Chicken and Broccoli and Egg Fried Rice.

Stay Tuned for recipes and pics to follow!

Wish me luck!


we somehow managed to make dinner just in time to catch true blood, I will post all recipes and some video links tomorrow.


  1. I love crab rangoon! I often crave it and most often the chinese take is out of it or I have to settle for cheese wontons(which isn't too bad of a substitute).

  2. I wish I really enjoyed them when I lived in NYC, where you would get like 4/$1
    here they are like $4.95 for 6, so I figured I would try to make them :)


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