I let my blog down...

I said earlier in the week that I would get all of the recipes up that I promised by Thursday...but then... I GOT A COLD...in the middle of Arizona...in 100+ degree weather, I went and got sick! Just so everyone is aware though, I totally blame the freckled one. The one that comes home saying...ugghh...I feel sick, and then puts the air conditioner down to 78 degrees, which is freezing in my opinion. But anyways, thats another story =0)

So where do I start? I guess I should start with last weekend's Piña Colada. I wanted to put a twist on my ALL TIME FAVORITE DRINK, so I decided we should do a strawberry swirl. When I first moved to Phoenix I drank Piña Coladas on a regular basis as a way to cool down, I've outgrown in mind was that I loved mixing it with Stawberry Daiquiri mix, so I figured we should try to make it fancier for the purposes of picture taking. Boy...if I knew how difficult it would be to swirl the dang thing I would have just called it a standard Strawberry Piña Colada. The process of swirling is.... that phase, but one thing I did keepnot as easy as it may seem after many attempts and lots of chugging and glass washing, we achieved this:

Here is the video of how we managed to make the delicious mix :)

From the very beginning we should have known it was going to be a looonnng Piña Colada making night :)

I will skip all the basic Piña Colada stuff, Ice, Pineapple juice, a little fresh pineapple for texture and of course sweetened coconut cream. I also like to add a dash of cinnamon to enhance the flavor of the coconut.

Here is a video of the freckled one thinking she could do a better job than me at the swirling process :)

Hope you decide to try and make some at home :)


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