Sooo much Blogging to do, not enough time

I have definitely been slacking in the blogging department. I think my problem started when I figured out you could make fan pages on facebook, in an effort to become fully versed on the facebook edition, I have neglected the thing that started this all.
There are sooo many steps in making everything look good and presentable. It is just like having another full time job. The lighting has to be perfect, the angles right, the food has to be as appealing as possible (in my opinion) so that people will venture and try to make the dishes I am presenting to them. This is what this is truly about, trying to share my knowledge with the people I know and love, especially so they don't call me a million times trying to figure out my recipe :o)

So here is an IOU blog. I will post the recipes to:
Pescado en Escabeche, Habichuelas Guisada, Strawberry Mango Swirl Pina Colada, Stuffed Peppers, Sopa de Pollo con Fideos and Tropical Guava & Cheese Pastries no later than Thursday.

Heres to food blogging and staying on top of the ball!


  1. well ladies...I have to said I am proud of you and down right inspired....Lets first address this swirling technique...if you don't want to go spoonfulls at a time you can always just pour from a spotted container bits at a time. Also you can make a thickened version on the strawberry mixture by reducing it and then cooling it the night before. Then using a squeeze bottle go around the insides of the glass in a circlular motion and then pouring the pina in the glass. That used to work with the mudslides when I worked at Applebee's..HA! This blogging sounds great! I was thinking of starting one when I got to San Fran. Abby has started a Tuesday night dinner tradition that I was thinking about blogging about. Although I won't be giving out some of my signature recipes like my famous wings....i'll have to come to Arizona and make them for ya..Ciao for now

    Simone aka PeachKazzi


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